Unified Conferencing

Consider TPEX as your Virtual booking office. From providing the location to testing, monitoring, connecting and personal assistance on site. White glove service is our standard.

The strength of TPEX lies not only in the provision of the Telepresence Exchange, but also in the way that we offer our services. The Telepresence services are offered based on usage. Customers do not need to purchase any equipment; they only take out a subscription for the use of a Telepresence environment. In other words, TPEX offers Telepresence as a service with different variants, which can be considerably beneficial to customers:


No need for investments in hardware, software or network equipment, instead there are monthly operational costs for the use of a Telepresence solution/service. No management and maintenance costs for the Telepresence environment, no need to train people, or to sign expensive contracts. TPEX will ensure every system is in optimal condition, low entry costs, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Are you looking for a Video Conference location or wish to have it locally in a public area, such as business centers or a hotel? Or just want an exploratory advice? Let us know by sending us an email at scheduling@tpex.com and get a respond within 12hrs!

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