Unified Conferencing

Video Conferencing and Telepresence solutions have numerous benefits:

A substantial contribution to the reduction of operational costs of organizations, such as traveling can be avoided or limited, and therefore, increase efficiency and productivity of your staff members.

A considerable reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases due to reduced traveling.

Consider TPEX as your Virtual booking office. From providing the location to testing, monitoring, connecting and personal assistance on site. White glove service is our standard.


The strength of TPEX lies not only in the provision of the Telepresence Exchange, but also in the way that we offer our services. The Telepresence services are offered based on usage. Customers do not need to purchase any equipment; they only take out a subscription for the use of a Telepresence environment.

Global Video Productions

TPEX serve large enterprises worldwide by providing global video collaboration services between providers’ branch offices and customer sites. We make sure that you as a high-end provider are in direct contact with your customer, regardless of their location, network, technology, or device.  We help you to drive sales and optimize delivery on global scale by providing a highly secured collaboration platform, where we connect your internal specialist to the customers all over the world as if there are no borders or boundaries.


What makes us different from other providers is our quality of service delivery and the dedication to our customers (we work with dedicated producer teams who know their customer environment by heart and are reachable 24x7 for every high-end executive meeting or team collaboration need).

Event Productions

TPEX elevates Video (event) meetings from a creating phase, to realization, to execution and support. Professional hardware and support needed for any type of event can be provided.


Together, we look for the audio-visual resources to make sure that your event becomes a great success for your audience to remember. Sharing knowledge should not be bound by technological difficulties. Let us worry about that.

TPEX International

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